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Cursor default to Code field if Auto-numbering Customers

Ever thought how much better it would be if the cursor went straight to the Code field when you've got Auto-numbering switched on? This little App does just that - and it's FREE.

Free for life

FX Local Currency Entry in AP/AR

This handy App lets you enter the local currency amount on the AR Receipt and AP Payments screens and calculates the conversion rate for you.

RRP: $150.00 per year

Invoice Preview

Just one click and you can preview an invoice before emailing or printing it. Works with:     AR invoices, AR credit notes, JC invoices and PO Purchase orders.

RRP: $150.00 per year

Sales History Tab in Customer Maintenance/Enquiry

Find it hard to know what products or services a customer has been buying from you? Of course you can drill into each invoice to see what is on it, but this app lets you see it at a glance in the Customer Maintenance and Enquiry screens.

RRP: $200.00 per year

Pricing Tab in Customer Maintenance/Enquiry

Find it hard to know what special prices or discounts apply to a customer, given all the rules you have set up in the Greentree Advanced Pricing module? With this App you can see it all in one place in the Customer Maintenance and Enquiry screens.

RRP: $200.00 per year

Sales Orders Tab in Customer Maintenance/Enquiry

Why go to the Sales Order Enquiry screen to see what outstanding orders there are for a Customer? This app lets you see them right from the Customer Maintenance and Enquiry screens.

RRP: $250.00 per year

Schedule Standing Transactions in the Task Queue

Ever wished that standing transactions could be set to post automatically? This App allows you to schedule the update of standing transactions via the Task Queue for: AP Invoices, AR Invoices and GL Journals.

RRP: $250.00 per year

Child Account Balances Tab on Customers and Suppliers

Tired of not knowing what child accounts you have linked to a parent? Want to be able to see all child balances at the same time? This App adds a "Child Balances" tab to the Maintenance and Enquiry screens for Customers and Suppliers.

RRP: $250.00 per year

Free-format Printed Invoices for Job Cost and AR Free-format Printed Invoices for Job Cost and AR

This App gives you the ability to show free format text and quantity/rate data on Job Invoices which does not correspond to the sales or cost lines which make up the invoice, or update General ledger or Sales figures otherwise held in Greentree.

RRP: $250.00 per year

Job Cost Accruals & Reversals Job Cost Accruals & Reversals

Allows for Accruals and Reversals to be made using JC Adjustments.

RRP: $250.00

Calculate Tax on Invoice total not line by line

This App is designed to calculate the Tax on an invoice total, without rounding line by line

RRP: $250.00 per year

Transaction User Defined Fields

Want to capture additional fields on an invoice, a journal, a credit?  This app lets you create any number of additional user defined fields and set the screens they appear on. You can even flag them as mandatory.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Send multiple copy invoices from Customer Maintenance/Enquiry

Do your customers often ask for a copy of all their outstanding invoices and credit notes? We bet they do, and it probably adds several hours work to your month end! This App lets you send all outstanding documents to a customer in one PDF on one email.

RRP: $500.00 per year

View & Modify GL Journals on Transactions

The App adds a GL button on all Transaction Entry forms which pops-up a form showing the GL journals generated for the current transaction. The journals can be modified, printed or exported.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Report Management & Security

Now you can control which reports a user can run from the | REPORTS | OTHER REPORTS | menu. If you need to give people the ability to run certain reports but either don't want them to be able to run others, or simply want to shorten the list of available reports, this App fits the bill.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Returns Authorities in Accounts Receivable

Manage the way you assess and approve returns from customers to avoid lost margin and improve processes for writing off or returning goods to stock.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Email Tracker - Archive, Find and Resend Emails Email Tracker

Archive, Search for and Re-send Emails sent from your Greentree system quickly and easily.

RRP: $500.00 per year

AR Combined Billing AR Combined Billing

This App works with the AR module. Based on setting up specific customers are parent/child customers and then marking all of the group as a combined billing group the system will them allow users to generate AR invoices as per normal but will not allow those invoices to be printed/sent out.

A new screen is given where the user can select customer and date range and will get returned all the AR invoices/Credits that have yet to be added to a combined invoice. They can then select the items to be included and when saved the invoices are now attached to that combined invoice. There are two new reports required for the combined invoice and statement for combined customers.

There is also a new tab on Customer maintenance where the details of the combined invoices can be seen from the parent customer. The combined invoice report can then be printed and sent to the customer.

Download User Guide

RRP: $500.00 POA

Email Job Cost Invoices with Attachments Email Job Cost Invoices with Attachments

This App allows you to attach supporting documentation to a Job Costing Invoice. The documentation can be stored against the Job or a Service Request, and selectively added as an attachment when the Job Cost Invoice is emailed.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Customer Special Payment Terms

Set Special Payment Terms on customer’s invoices
For example, a customer may purchase a piece of equipment and be given 12 month payment terms to pay off the invoice in instalments at a specified amount each month.
New UDFs populated to Customer to save invoices with special payment terms
DR Special Payment Terms (Y/N) and DR Statement Note (details of invoices with special payment terms defined).
New fields have been made available to Alerts and Approvals module
This allows specific approvals to be created associated with special payment terms use.
No changes to Customer Maintenance – aging continues to be based on document date or payment date on the Invoice header depending on your aging method
No changes to Transactions tab – the invoice will still show as one line with the payment date being the date defaulted/entered on the invoice tab at the time the AR Invoice is generated.

Download User Guide

RRP: $500.00

Audit Logging and Reporting

Need to Audit and report on changes to key records? This must-have compliance App lets you configure audit logging down to field level and provides reporting and on-screen viewing of audit records.

RRP: $700.00 per year

UK PostCode Lookup Integration

Save time creating new address records in Greentree using this nifty UK Post Code Lookup Integration to the "PostcodeAnywhere" and "Crafty Clicks" web services.

RRP: $700.00 per year

Master Organisations Master Organisations

If you're running multiple companies in Greentree who deal with some of
the same customers and suppliers, this App allows for reporting on combined sales or purchases using Greentree IQ.

RRP: $1,500.00 per year

Customer Rebates and Loyalty Points Module

Reward your customers by accumulating rebates and/or loyalty points based on their product purchases using this amazing App. Accrue points based on product or product group, award bonus points, print statements, deal with points claims and more.

RRP: $2,500.00 per year