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Convert Service request scheduled time to a JC Timesheet
Convert Service request scheduled time to a JC Timesheet
RRP: NZD500.00 per year

Minimum Greentree Version: 4@
Required Module(s): CRM Contracts & Relationships, CRM Service & Support, Job Costing
Developer: Verde Group NZ Ltd.
Free Trial Coupon Code: 30DaysFree
Ease of Setup: 

App Number: 010111


This App is designed to record employees' time on JC Jobs, where the organisations uses the CRM Service Request scheduler to plan and organise the daily activities of their ‘Service Persons’.

It uses the ‘Service Person’ assigned to the SR plus any ‘Extra Service Persons’ listed, and the hours listed on the SR are assigned to all service persons.



The option is located on the ‘Process | Service Request to Timesheet’ menu option. This opens the following form, which has been populated:

If you select “Print label” then a Barcode printer combo box will appear and you can select a barcode printer. The Barcode printers can be setup from: System > Utilities > Barcode printer maintenance

  • Date From and Date To will default to ‘today’, but can be changed
  • Click ‘Search’ when you have selected the correct dates, and the form will be populated with all SR Times for all employees that have not already been ‘converted’ to a Timesheet’.
  • For SR’s that are to be completed on the one day, the hours will default to the table, but can be changed.
  • The Job, Activity Code, and Work Centre can all be changed.
  • Note that the table complies with the ‘Activity Group’ discipline of the User, Service Person, and Job.
  • For SR’s that span multiple days, no hours are entered, and the user must enter these before the table can be updated.

  • Items to be updated are those ticked on the ‘Select’ column, which defaults all to being ticked. These can be maintained in bulk or individually.
  • At the bottom of the form is the ‘Save/Close’ button, which will require confirmation.

The Result:

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