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Auto-email option from the SO Generate Invoices form

This nifty App lets you email Invoices directly from the Generate Invoices screen in Sales Orders, without having to go to another screen to do it.

RRP: $150.00 per year

Display Substitute Inventory Item Availability

If you stock a large range of similar products and need to quickly identify alternatives when one item is not available, this App is for you. It displays a list of all substitute items including their availability and price.

RRP: $250.00 per year

Transaction User Defined Fields

Want to capture additional fields on an invoice, a journal, a credit?  This app lets you create any number of additional user defined fields and set the screens they appear on. You can even flag them as mandatory.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Despatch Scanning and Delivery Labels

The Despatch Scanning and Delivery Labels App controls your stock by forcing each item despatched to be scanned and
allows for printing delivery labels which can also be scanned giving you a record of what product was despatched in which box.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Report Management & Security

Now you can control which reports a user can run from the | REPORTS | OTHER REPORTS | menu. If you need to give people the ability to run certain reports but either don't want them to be able to run others, or simply want to shorten the list of available reports, this App fits the bill.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Inventory Location Transfer

This App gives you more control over inventory in all locations. Request stock from other locations quickly, to fulfil Sales Orders and Factory Orders or to save ordering more stock in when another location has plenty on hand.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Quick Entry of Buy-in Stock & POs

Automate the creation of Buy-In Stock Items and Purchase Orders for one-off client orders, straight from the Sales Order screen or Quote screen.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Create a BOM or Buy-In from a CRM Quote Create a BOM or Buy-In from a CRM Quote

Functionality to convert IN Lines on a CRM Quote to a Bill Of Materials or Buy-In Stock. Works with and is dependent on App 010048 - Quick Entry of Buy-in Stock & POs.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Create Credit Notes from Packing Slips

This great little App allows Sales staff to create a Credit Note for a sale, directly from the SO Packing Slip Maintenance screen - without giving them full access to the Credit Notes function.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Custom Assembly Sales & Manufacturing Custom Assembly Sales & Manufacturing

This App automates the creation of the new finished good into inventory and creates the base Bill of Materials, then a factory order which is linked back to the Sales order - straight from the Sales Order screen, saving you valuable time.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Advanced SO Carrier

The Advanced SO Carrier App allows users to select a Carrier during Sales Order Entry and to select a label option when completing a packing slip:generate a file extract for UPS (XML format) or select a label printer.

RRP: $500.00 per year

UK PostCode Lookup Integration

Save time creating new address records in Greentree using this nifty UK Post Code Lookup Integration to the "PostcodeAnywhere" and "Crafty Clicks" web services.

RRP: $700.00 per year

Advanced Freight Module

Advanced Freight features like: complex freight charging rules, free-freight cost analysis, delivery manifest automation, adding freight to location transfers and jobs, and the capability to report on KPIs for warehouse personnel.

RRP: $1,500.00 per year