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Combine Quotes in a Single Document Combine Quotes in a Single Document

Print multiple quotes on one document from a CRM Organisation.

RRP: NZD150.00 per year

Report Management & Security Report Management & Security

Now you can control which reports a user can run from the | REPORTS | OTHER REPORTS | menu. If you need to give people the ability to run certain reports but either don't want them to be able to run others, or simply want to shorten the list of available reports, this App fits the bill.

RRP: NZD500.00 per year

Create a Job and Service Request from a CRM Quote Create a Job and Service Request from a CRM Quote

This App allows users to create a Job and Service Request from a CRM Quote. It also creates a Job Estimate based on the Quote value.

RRP: NZD500.00 per year

Bulk Asset Usage Entry Bulk Asset Usage Entry

This App allows updates to assets usage in bulk (update all child assets with usage enabled)
This it to avoid having to record usage for each individual asset when there are sub assets whose usage is the same as what is recorded at the parent asset level. (This can apply to multiple sub levels.)
Usage hours may be recorded at the master item detail or lower. Wherever entered, the usage hours will also be updated to that asset and any sub asset.

Download User Guide

RRP: NZD500.00

CRM Asset Related Maintenance CRM Asset Related Maintenance

1. Allows visibility of maintenance requirements on related physical assets.

Physical assets with maintenance cycles frequently have related assets and it may be preferable to do the maintenance on those assets at the same time.

When reviewing specific asset maintenance cycles, this App allows you to drill-in to see other related maintenance due for that asset or any sub assets (components/subcomponents).

2. Print maintenance documents

This app will create service requests for all selected maintenance cycles and also print documents attached to the assets – this can include instructions for performing a service or replacing a part.

If A&A rules are enabled they can be configured to update alert collections prior to or when maintenance is due.

Download User Guide

RRP: NZD500.00

UK PostCode Lookup Integration UK PostCode Lookup Integration

Save time creating new address records in Greentree using this nifty UK Post Code Lookup Integration to the "PostcodeAnywhere" and "Crafty Clicks" web services.

RRP: NZD700.00 per year