The Premium Pack

Advanced SO Carrier

The Advanced SO Carrier App allows users to select a Carrier during Sales Order Entry and to select a label option when completing a packing slip:generate a file extract for UPS (XML format) or select a label printer.

RRP: $500.00 per year

UK PostCode Lookup Integration

Save time creating new address records in Greentree using this nifty UK Post Code Lookup Integration to the "PostcodeAnywhere" and "Crafty Clicks" web services.

RRP: $700.00 per year

Split DC Payment Batches Split DC Payment Batches

This App allows you to split an AP Payment Batch into multiple, separate batches and create a Direct Credit file for each batch.

RRP: $250.00 per year

Convert Service request scheduled time to a JC Timesheet

This App is designed to record employees' time on JC Jobs, where the organisations uses the CRM Service Request scheduler to plan and organise the daily activities of their ‘Service Persons’.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Email Tracker - Archive, Find and Resend Emails Email Tracker

Archive, Search for and Re-send Emails sent from your Greentree system quickly and easily.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Email Job Cost Invoices with Attachments Email Job Cost Invoices with Attachments

This App allows you to attach supporting documentation to a Job Costing Invoice. The documentation can be stored against the Job or a Service Request, and selectively added as an attachment when the Job Cost Invoice is emailed.

RRP: $500.00 per year

Calculate Tax on Invoice total not line by line

This App is designed to calculate the Tax on an invoice total, without rounding line by line

RRP: $250.00 per year

Master Organisations Master Organisations

If you're running multiple companies in Greentree who deal with some of
the same customers and suppliers, this App allows for reporting on combined sales or purchases using Greentree IQ.

RRP: $1,500.00 per year