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Cursor default to Code field if Auto-numbering Customers Cursor default to Code field if Auto-numbering Customers

Ever thought how much better it would be if the cursor went straight to the Code field when you've got Auto-numbering switched on? This little App does just that - and it's FREE.

Free for life

A&A Helper A&A Helper

Additional A&A functionality including programmatic events
for: Form Load, Form Assign, Form Clear, Form On New, Form On Change. Ability to allow Approval Codes to be limited to specific companies.

Free for life

Alert Rule Utility Alert Rule Utility

Ever struggled to find out what Alert rules are running on a Greentree system? The Alert Rule Utility App lets you easily manage all Alert rules on a site by providing an enquiry function on all Alert rules.

Free for 12 months
Report Writer Method Selection Search Report Writer Method Selection Search

Allows for easier finding of report methods by providing a search and sorting capability in the Report Writer.
ote that this is only available in the old Report Writer.

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RRP: NZD100.00 per year

JC Sales Code Long Description JC Sales Code Long Description

This App gives you the ability to have a Sales Code Maintenance Description that is up to 60 characters long in addition to the standard description that can only be up to 30 characters long.
Available to select in COM Interface and Report Writer
This new field can also be selected and use in COM Interface as well as in Report Writer.

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RRP: NZD100.00

Various System Scripts Various System Scripts

Do useful stuff you can't do easily in standard Greentree with these 15 essential system scripts. E.g. import JC activity & sales codes and workcentres, import Trees, change stock, supplier and customer codes.

RRP: NZD150.00 per year

Copy Clever Table Settings Copy Clever Table Settings

The Copy Clever Table Settings provides a tool for the following:
  • Gives you the ability to copy clever table settings from a single user to one or many other users within Greentree.
  • When setting up a new company, the clever table settings can be copied for all users from an existing user.
  • For existing users, clever table settings can be used to update clever tables for one or more users.
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RRP: NZD150.00 per year

Greentree Object Drill Greentree Object Drill

This little time-saver puts a Drill icon on the toolbar of every screen in Greentree. Click on it to display all other objects related to that object (e.g. the packing slips for an AR Invoice) and then drill down to it.

RRP: NZD150.00 per year

User Preference Defaults User Preference Defaults

This Utility App provides user level settings for some of the current module level default values for data entry.

RRP: NZD150.00 per year

Report Task Queue Report Task Queue

This App will allow certain reports the ability to be added to the task queue (Auto fax/email/print option).

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RRP: NZD150.00

Withholding Tax in AP Invoice Withholding Tax in AP Invoice

Controls display of withholding tax in AP Invoice screens.
This App provides visibility of Withholding Tax

This is applicable to both eDoc and actual AP Invoices.
Without this App it is possible to see the checkbox for Deduct Withholding Tax, but not the value.

Download User Guid

RRP: NZD200.00

User Security to System Scripts User Security to System Scripts

Want to give a user access to run 1 or 2 of the scripts in the System Script list, but not let them see or run any of the others (e.g. delete your entire database)? This App lets you select which scripts are allowed to be run by which users.

RRP: NZD250.00 per year

Import and Export Explorer Queries Import and Export Explorer Queries

This brilliant utility App allows you to import and export Greentree Explorer queries. Easily import and export a single or multiple queries and gain access to a class of data not currently published by Greentree.

RRP: NZD250.00 per year

Custom Script Plug-in Property Custom Script Plug-in Property

This App adds a tick-box to the Greentree Custom scripts form which allows the Custom scripts to become Plug In Properties which are then usable in collections for work-flow and reporting.

RRP: NZD250.00 per year

Advanced Exception Handler Advanced Exception Handler

This App replaces the default Greentree handler. When an exception occurs, the App emails a screen-shot of the active form and details of the issue to an email address specified in the App's Module Control.

RRP: NZD250.00 per year

A&A Rules in AP Payment Selections A&A Rules in AP Payment Selections

This App adds a “Rule” button which allows you to select an A&A rule to filter/select suppliers, Invoices and Credit Notes for payment. E.g. all suppliers with balances from 0.01 to $100.

RRP: NZD250.00 per year

User Login History User Login History

1. This App allows you to review which users have been logged in on what days and duration (login and logout time).

The App can be used to help identify license requirements or to see who was logged in on a particular day when an event occurred (provided you know the day and time of the event).

Download User Guide

RRP: NZD250.00

Report Management & Security Report Management & Security

Now you can control which reports a user can run from the | REPORTS | OTHER REPORTS | menu. If you need to give people the ability to run certain reports but either don't want them to be able to run others, or simply want to shorten the list of available reports, this App fits the bill.

RRP: NZD500.00 per year

POP3 Email Processor POP3 Email Processor

Polling of a POP3 email address, reads emails, extracts an attachment and allows for batch processing of the attachments.

RRP: NZD500.00 per year

Bulk Archiving Of Inventory items Bulk Archiving of Inventory Items

This App allows the users to bulk archive inventory items based on criteria including: Analysis Code and Status.

RRP: NZD500.00 per year

Email Tracker - Archive, Find and Resend Emails Email Tracker

Archive, Search for and Re-send Emails sent from your Greentree system quickly and easily.

RRP: NZD500.00 per year

CRM Asset Related Maintenance CRM Asset Related Maintenance

1. Allows visibility of maintenance requirements on related physical assets.

Physical assets with maintenance cycles frequently have related assets and it may be preferable to do the maintenance on those assets at the same time.

When reviewing specific asset maintenance cycles, this App allows you to drill-in to see other related maintenance due for that asset or any sub assets (components/subcomponents).

2. Print maintenance documents

This app will create service requests for all selected maintenance cycles and also print documents attached to the assets – this can include instructions for performing a service or replacing a part.

If A&A rules are enabled they can be configured to update alert collections prior to or when maintenance is due.

Download User Guide

RRP: NZD500.00

Customer Special Payment Terms Customer Special Payment Terms

Set Special Payment Terms on customer’s invoices
For example, a customer may purchase a piece of equipment and be given 12 month payment terms to pay off the invoice in instalments at a specified amount each month.
New UDFs populated to Customer to save invoices with special payment terms
DR Special Payment Terms (Y/N) and DR Statement Note (details of invoices with special payment terms defined).
New fields have been made available to Alerts and Approvals module
This allows specific approvals to be created associated with special payment terms use.
No changes to Customer Maintenance – aging continues to be based on document date or payment date on the Invoice header depending on your aging method
No changes to Transactions tab – the invoice will still show as one line with the payment date being the date defaulted/entered on the invoice tab at the time the AR Invoice is generated.

Download User Guide

RRP: NZD500.00

User Preferences and Security Snapshot Tool User Preferences and Security Snapshot Tool

Auditor chasing you for a list of Greentree user permissions? Want to know who's taking up your Financials licenses or who has access to which companies? This App helps you do it all.

RRP: NZD700.00 per year

Copy User Preferences and Menu Security Copy User Preferences and Menu Security

Frustrated at setting up the same new user across multiple companies? Want the ability to copy another user's settings for all companies? Need to set up a new company using same the menu security and preferences for all users? This app is ideal for you.

RRP: NZD700.00 per year

Audit Logging and Reporting Audit Logging and Reporting

Need to Audit and report on changes to key records? This must-have compliance App lets you configure audit logging down to field level and provides reporting and on-screen viewing of audit records.

RRP: NZD700.00 per year

Active Directory Integration for Greentree Active Directory Integration for Greentree

This cool App does away with a separate user ID and password for Greentree. Once you've logged in to your computer, just double click on the Greentree Icon and you're logged straight in to the menu. That's right, you don't need to enter another user ID and password.

RRP: NZD800.00 per year

Inactive User Timeout Inactive User Timeout

Functionality to automatically logout a user after a set number of minutes.

This App is only available by prior arrangement with your Greentree Reseller. If you have not already, please contact your Reseller to discuss implementing this App.

NB: this Module is not available under The Premium Pack subscription.

RRP: NZD1,500.00 per year