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eDocs Scraping for Supplier Invoices/Credits (Header fields only)

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Minimum Greentree Version: 3D@9
Required Module(s): AP,eDocs, Workflow A&A
Developer: Verde Group NZ Ltd.
Free Trial Coupon Code: 30DaysFree
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App Number: 019000

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This App works with the Greentree eDocs module for Supplier Invoices and Credits, by providing the ability to have your incoming Supplier invoices and credit notes scraped by a cloud service and have the scraped data populated onto the eDoc automatically.

Please watch the short 4min video below to see how the process works.

The fields scraped are :

  • Invoice number
  • invoice date
  • PO Number
  • Bank account number/details
  • GST/VAT/Tax Number
  • Invoice Value
  • Tax Value

Artificial Intelligence of the scraping software should be good enough to work out of the box without any training of it by you. In the event that something is scraped incorrectly, you are able to correct (and therefore train) the scraping cloud service so that it can scrape correct next time.

Using the eDocs scraping service, all that is required by you is deciding how to code the invoice because the invoice/credit header data will be automatically populated.

While we tend to use the term “scraping”, it is also commonly referred to as “extraction” and “OCR” (Optical Character Recognition).

The App price includes :-

  1. all the Greentree eDocs integration (note Greentree Approvals and Alerts is a required module)
  2. the costs of the scraping cloud service (including the ability to correct and train the scraping mistakes)
  3. the visual tick boxes on the eDoc form that the scraped bank account, GST/VAT/Tax number and email address it was received from all agree to the details on the supplier.
Download User Guide

Please email support@appsforgreentree.com if you would like more information.

NB: this Module is not available under The Premium Pack subscription.

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