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About Apps for Greentree

What is an App?
Who is behind
Is Greentree International Limited involved?
Who develops the Apps?
Buying Apps
Can I get a 30 Day Free trial on any App?
Can anyone buy Apps?
Do I have to pay GST?
How do I know whether an App would suit me?
What are my payment options?
I need a copy of my order.
Why aren't Apps offered in Greentree as part of the maintenance I pay?
When will I receive an invoice for Apps I order?
When will I receive my Registration Codes?
Installing and Registering Apps
What Does "Ease of Setup" mean?
How are Apps installed?
How often are updates released and how do I get them?
What if I don't want the Apps any more?
How do I get support for my Apps?
Subscription / Licensing
How do I renew App Subscriptions?
What are the licence terms for Apps?
What if I don’t need an App any more?
Can I re-activate an App I have turned off?
Can I get a partial refund if I turn an App off?
What happens if I don’t renew my App next year?
My Account
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How do I edit my account information?
I forgot my password.
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